(2022-09-09) UPDATE: We are adding a more about you section, which will give you more information about how you appear to the intenret for your convenience and environment testing needs. More to come on its development.

(2022-08-03) UPDATE: Our mail systems have undergone an upgrade. More specifically, the incoming SMTP servers will no longer accept connections from any host that does not have an rDNS (PTR Record) configured. While this should not affect mail from most legitimate providers, it may be possible that some email does not get through. If you should find that mail is not getting through, please contact the system admin to look into why this is happening.

(2021-10-24) UPDATE: We are working on a new central password system, which will link all our systems together with a central login and password. We do not yet have an expected ETA for this project to be rolled out.

(2021-09-22) UPDATE: Our email systems have been upgraded to support full and proper TLS and SSL with valid SSL certificates. There is no longer a need to grant a security exception in your computer or mail client settings.